Working Groups


Immigrant Justice Working Group

The Immigrant Working Group is voting on an extension to the current OC’s term. You can find the statement/proposal here

The working group continues to work with coalition partners on the Excluded Workers Fund, which demands the State Government raise taxes on billionaires to support immigrant workers excluded from receiving federal money. 

They have also helped develop, an online list of pandemic resources specifically for the NYC immigrant community.

The group is welcoming volunteers for their #FreeThemAll phonezaps which occur every Friday at 12pm to demand people are freed from detention. Please sign up here.  

Finally, the group is seeking additional sponsors for our sponsorship collective, and need temporary housing for 2 individuals. 

Please email for ways to plug in.

Queens Housing

Last month, the Queens Housing Working Group hosted a Housing Court 101 training for tenant organizers that featured two experienced tenant movement lawyers. 

On June 1, the group participated in the #CancelRent day of action, which included both digital actions and a socially distanced assembly that marched to Sen. Schumer’s apartment building to demand Federal rent cancellation. 

Religion & Socialism

As a result of an event the Religion & Socialism Working Group hosted on decarceration and religion, an interfaith coalition of abolitionists has formed made up of DSA and non-DSA members. Review the call to action the group drafted here.

In collaboration with the Mutual Aid NYC, the group has also developed a guide for talking to moderate friends and loved ones. See it here.

Tech Action

The Tech Action working group hosted a panel series on the tech labor movement in partnership with Tech Workers Coalition, OPEIU, and CWA

The first panel brought together for the first time ever representatives from the first 3 successful white-collar tech worker unionization efforts in the U.S.: Kickstarter, Google HCL contractors, and Glitch. 

The second panel featured an organizer from the Amazon warehouse strikes in Staten Island and a Google organizer who was fired for their anti-CBP work. 

Both panels can be found in their entirety on youtube: Part 1 & Part 2.

Tech action has also been holding phone banks to elect Phara as an Assemblymember in the 57th District in Northern Brooklyn, and participating in various protests to demand the defunding of the NYPD. 

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