Red Net is produced by members of the New York City chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America’s Media Working Group.

Media plays an essential role in the struggle for socialism. The capitalist media has had catastrophic influence on our world: perpetuating neoliberal centrism and bothsidesism, cheerleading a bipartisan imperialism, legitimizing fascism and racism in government, and abandoning journalism for more ratings-friendly “infotainment.” The Media Working Group creates and disseminate our own local reporting and analysis from a socialist perspective, and works to counteract bad faith assumptions at the core of mainstream reporting. The work of the MWG, including publications, audio/visual productions, art, design, social media, and web and application design, allows our chapter to get our message out to the public, including those who are not publicly politically active. 

Red Net incorporates content from Red Letter, a newsletter about NYC-DSA priority campaigns and news, the Thorn, a weekly digest of NYC and NY State political news from the Electoral Working Group, and Revolutions Per Minute, a radio show broadcast weekly on WBAI.

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