Steering Committee July Updates – Convention and Term Calendar

The DSA National Convention starts this Friday 08/02 and ends on Sunday 08/04. It’s been a hard-scramble pace since June! We did the democratic work to elect our 116 person delegation to the national convention, worked with National to register all of the delegates, and worked with the delegates to make sure they had housing and travel booked appropriately. The hotel is one of two union hotels in Atlanta, and while national negotiated a discounted rate, it is still not cheap! We turn away no delegate for financial need. Please help us support our delegation by donating to cover the costs of housing and travel for those who need it.

The other major initiative we have been working on is putting together a calendar for the 2019-2020 term. Below are the tentative dates we are working with (pending space confirmation). Please note that due to candidate endorsements, we will likely have to add additional CLC meetings. We have decided to move the convention forward 2 months because of the timing of our campaign escalations, namely the presidential primary in April and the end of the state legislative session and the state primaries in June. The constitution prevents us from holding the convention after June.

First CLC meeting: Sept 29th, 2019

Second CLC meeting: Jan 19th, 2020

Citywide Convention: March 28th, 2020