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By Rebecca C

My Milkshake Brings All the Fascists to the Drycleaners

Milkshakes: Delicious warm-weather treat. Milkshaking: not a trend in the US the way it took off in May in the UK (bless the Brits for their strong tradition of antifascist activism)…

 …But the month of June started off looking soggy for fascists in the USA:

Here’s a good piece about the difference between shaming and violence and why humiliation is kryptonite for the far right:


With the state rent laws set to expire on June 15, the pressure was on for legislators to act on a slate of 9 bills supported by The Upstate/Downstate Housing Alliance’s Housing Justice for All Campaign, NYC-DSA and many other housing activist groups who have worked tirelessly to protect tenants:

Here is a great graphic from The City about how landlords get out of rent regulation:

And, maybe we need to start getting used to this… VICTORY!

Julia Salazar tweeted about the importance of her bill which failed to pass – the most radical proposal in the bunch, showing there is still more to fight for to protect tenants:

A wave of progressive momentum continued with another victory: the #GreenLightNY bill was passed on the night of June 17 and signed by Gov. Cuomo shortly after, restoring the granting of driver’s licenses regardless of immigration status:

And the people did celebrate!

De Blasio Watch!

Our large adult mayor is racking up the endorsements:

And mangling literary references:

Not specifically about De Blasio but wow, burn:

They’re Concentration Camps

AOC tweeted this story from Esquire that features interviews with historians of concentration camps including Andrea Pitzer, author of One Long Night: A Global History of Concentration Camps:

The outcry over the (entirely justified) use of the term “concentration camps” featured the usual kneejerk bad faith “how dare you mention the Holocaust” attacks, as well as willful misreading of the meaning of the phrase “never again” (ie, let’s stop the next Holocaust BEFORE it happens) from some truly disappointing sources:

AOC defended and expanded upon her statement, refusing to back down as the situation in the concentration camps continues to deteriorate for the extralegally held detainees:

Meanwhile, the news from lawyers and advocates who have been able to witness condition at the camps for children continues to get worse and worse:

The Texas Tribune has been doing good reporting on the atrocities at the CBP camp in Clint:

Odds and ends:

The NYPD continues to show its bias in favor of cars and against cyclists, pedestrians, and really anything that can be run over by a car. After bike messenger Robyn Hightman was killed on June 24 hundreds of people gathered to mourn them and protest the Mayor’s Vision Zero program which mainly results in increased ticketing of cyclists when one is killed in traffic:

And lastly, there was a pretty wild protest of Drag Queen Story hour in Gerritsen Beach on June 6 by some sad shouty people. The day saw plenty of supporters of a sweet and fun activity for children as well:

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