Citywide Leadership Committee – update and explainer

by Jack C

The NYC-DSA CLC is preparing for its first meeting of 2019 which will be held on February 10th.

But what exactly is the CLC and what does it do?

The Citywide Leadership Committee, or CLC is NYC-DSA’s highest leadership body below our convention. It’s made up of elected representatives from the Steering Committee, chapter branches, and the YDSA (DSA’s youth organization). It meets regularly to discuss issues facing the NYC-DSA chapter as a whole and make decisions on what the chapter’s responses and actions should be.

What’s happening at the February meeting?

The February meeting will include discussion and voting on a packed agenda ranging from changes in voting process to how NYC-DSA should relate to Bernie Sanders’ likely presidential campaign. Other proposals include making stopping Amazon’s new headquarters a citywide priority, hiring paid staff to support the all-volunteer network of organizers (see this issue’s Point/Counterpoint for more), and a policy platform for the organization as a whole.

How are meetings planned and executed?

The process for the February meeting began in December, when CLC delegates were able to submit or sponsor proposals to be considered by the body. These were then sent to the whole membership in a bulletin, and opened a period where CLC delegates could put forward amendments to the proposals. General members were also invited to submit comments on the original proposals. These amendments and comments, along with the original proposals, went out in a second bulletin (read the second bulletin here).

How can I get involved this process?

Going to branch meetings is a great way to get involved. Branches reserved time in their January meetings to discuss the proposals, giving members the opportunity to weigh in and debate political and organizational questions. If you attended your branch’s January meeting, you should have seen, heard, and taken part in this process. And if you didn’t attend, that’s just one of the amazing parts of the democratic process of the DSA that you have to look forward to at future branch meetings!

Can I attend the CLC meeting on February 10th?

Yes! Keep an eye out for future updates, including a form for members to sign up to be observers!

Anything else I need to know?

The CLC would like to recognize the tireless efforts of Andrea Guinn and Michael Grochowski, who have done a ton of work on planning the meeting.

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