Our Path is Mass Action

November 29, 2018 Rebecca Capua 0

Mike S. argues that while mutual aid has a place in DSA’s mission, it ultimately props up the abuses of capitalism and will not aid in forming the solidarity between DSA and the working class that is needed to achieve our goals.

Rank and File: Laura G. on Carpenters’ Local 157

Rank and File
November 29, 2018 Rebecca Capua 0

Sub-contractors, scabs, and salting. Laura G. discusses how she found her way to the carpentry trade, fighting off a fear of heights and a mountain of student debt. In Local 157 she sees room for more aggressive tactics, worker involvement in negotiations, and more solidarity with a range of working class issues.

Fighting for Universal Rent Control

November 29, 2018 Rebecca Capua 0

The push for a legislative path to Universal Rent Control is in high gear now that the NYS Senate is finally under full Democratic Control. Cea W. outlines why this struggle is so crucial for New Yorkers and what NYC-DSA’s strategy is to win in Albany.

/Red Net/

Red Net
November 20, 2018 Annalisa Wilde 0

Welcome to our new social(ist) media corner! For those of us who aren’t extremely online, Red Letter presents a round-up of social media goings-on, including links to DSA-centric stories we couldn’t cover this month, videos from NYC-DSA actions, post-ers to follow, and amusing dust-ups.