What’s Next? Healthcare.

By Jen J

Andrew Cuomo may not have been defeated, but he will face a radically different Senate in January. With the destruction of the Independent Democratic Conference (IDC), Cuomo can no longer blame the Senate for lack of progressive action in Albany. It is time we take our campaign on the offensive to demand that 2019 is the year we will pass the New York Health Act.

Even if the Senate flips to Democratic control in November, we will face new challenges to passing the NYHA. Right-wing lobby groups like the Business Council of New York State are pressuring politicians to oppose this desperately needed legislation. Conservative think tanks are blasting the tax increases of the NYHA, even as they agree that it would expand coverage while saving money.  

Right-wing money cannot beat the power of the organized masses: we need you to win this fight! We need your friends, neighbors, and coworkers to join us in the struggle for healthcare justice. In September and October, the Healthcare Committee is planning a series of education events and trainings to prepare ourselves for the fight ahead. Starting in November, we plan to confront capital with a series of direct actions against insurance companies during the open enrollment season. We need your help to fight back against powerful insurance companies and build a better healthcare system for all New Yorkers.

Upcoming Events:

Power to Heal: A Film & Panel on Racial Segregation in Healthcare

When: October 5, 2018, 7 pm to 10 pm

Where: Verso Books, 20 Jay St, Suite 1010, Brooklyn

In the Jim Crow South, healthcare was not exempt from segregation. Hospitals, doctors, medical equipment, even blood banks were segregated, resulting in unnecessary suffering and death. This documentary tells the story of how grassroots activists and the promise of federal funding were able to desegregate America’s hospitals in a matter of months. A panel discussion will follow after the film.

Anti-Insurance Direct Action Training

When: October 20, 2018, 10 am to 5 pm

Where: TBD

The insurance industry profits wildly off our current system and they know the New York Health Act is an existential threat to their power. Organizations like the Business Council of New York State have already started lobbying against the NYHA. But we can strike back! As they say: direct action gets the goods. Learn what it takes to organize a direct action and help us prepare for a series of actions during the Open Enrollment season. Food and care will be provided.

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