August Steering Committee Update

The Steering Committee spent the end of July and the beginning of August finishing up the endorsement process, building the grievance committee and developing a new sign in process that you will experience at your branch meetings these next two weeks.

Building a Grievance Committee

We are close to approving our grievance officers. A list was sent out in the weekly email yesterday, Tuesday August 21st. We would like to give the membership the opportunity to weigh in on those applicants before the Steering Committee votes. If you have anything you’d like the SC to know about the proposed GOs that would interfere with their ability to do their job, please e-mail

Finishing the Endorsement Process for Nixon/Williams

Capped off the Nixon/Williams endorsement process with a successful CLC meeting that ended ahead of schedule, and now working with electoral and various groups to implement the plan that was passed. As part of that, the we are working with priority campaigns to implement a post-primary engagement plan to build momentum for our other campaigns off of the electoral work we’ve been doing.

New Sign-in Process

We will be rolling out a pilot of a new sign-ins process at August branch meetings. This will help us better track membership and engagement, and to better think about how to get more people involved.