July Branch Updates

Art by Fareeha K

Bronx/Upper Manhattan

B/UM members have been canvassing with a petition to demand that ICE agents be excluded from New York’s courts; in the last month, they’ve collected 750 signatures. The Save Allen Psych campaign has collected and mailed over 1,000 postcards opposing New York Presbyterian Hospital’s plan to close a crucial mental health ward. Their New Members Picnic in Morningside Park drew 29 people, including one person who walked up to the group and stayed until the end—just because he saw the DSA flag!


Labor Branch

The Labor Branch is holding a Panel “Organizing to win as a Socialist Rank and Filer” in lieu of a branch meeting this month. All DSA members, whether actively involved in the Labor movement or not, are welcome to attend! Friday, July 20 at 7 pm – 9 pm, CWA 1180, 6 Harrison Street on the Lower Level. Check out the Facebook event here.There will be panelists from several unions, including Rosy Clark from the UFT, Bianca Cunningham from CWA, Paul Prescod from PFT, and John Pearson from SEIU.

The Labor branch is also currently working in our unions to connect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to the labor movement, and pushing our unions to endorse Julia Salazar.


Central Brooklyn

The Central Brooklyn political education committee recently hosted a debate focusing on the upcoming Nixon endorsement. On Sunday, CBK-DSA also hosted a new member social to meet the influx of new members since the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez primary victory.

At the last Central Brooklyn general meeting, the new Organizing Committee asked members to help define the branch strategy for the next year, and will be forming new branch committees to focus on local initiatives. At our upcoming general meeting, Central Brooklyn members will vote whether or not to endorse Cynthia Nixon and Jumaane Williams in their bids for Governor and Lt. Governor.



Queens DSA attracted 35 new faces to its membership meeting in June, two days after Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s victory in the Democratic primary for Congress. After a spirited discussion of the election, the meeting broke up for a working group fair, and then toasted to its recent victory. The following week, its electoral working group held a pizza party in Astoria to thank DSAers from across the city who volunteered in the Ocasio campaign.

Earlier in June, the branch elected Andrea Guinn as SC Rep and Susan Kang and Vigie Ramos Rios as CLC Reps. The new OC includes Co-Chairs Jose Cabrera; Membership Coordinator Leslie Guthrie; Working Group Coordinator Alex Kingsepp, and Treasurer Frank Llewellyn.