Steering Committee Update

Coming off the heels of the Chapter’s annual convention, NYC-DSA’s Steering Committee is welcoming new Administrative Committee officers and branch reps! Here are a few of the things the Steering Committee has been up to this month:

Training for Chapter Leadership

Leadership elections are taking place in many areas of our Chapter, including Branches and Working Groups. That makes for a great opportunity to give new and continuing leaders the opportunity to get into a room together, set goals, and build skills! The incoming Steering Committee and Membership Development Working Group are putting on the first of many training opportunities on June 30th – this one on base-building in our organization.

Accessibility Guidelines

At its June 5th meeting, the Steering Committee unanimously passed the Accessibility Guidelines document put forward by NYC-DSA’s Disability Caucus, including its recommendation that Branch and Working Group begin by implementing several of its suggestions as soon as possible. This is a living document that is meant to challenge our organization to be more accessible in our work.

Campaign Meetings with Working Groups and Branches

One of the major roles of the Steering Committee is to support and help develop the organizing work of the Chapter, and one of the major places this happens is through Working Group and Branch campaigns. Members of the Steering Committee have been meeting with representatives of these groups and helping to facilitate city-wide discussions around campaigns so that we can better coordinate our efforts and develop winning strategies. 

The Steering Committee officers elected at May’s convention are:

2 Co-chairs – Abdullah Younus and Bianca Cunningham

Treasurer – Tiffany Gong

Secretary – Joe DeManuelle-Hall

Membership Coordinator – Leslie Fine

Working Group Coordinator – Cea Weaver

In addition to those 6 officers, the steering committee has a branch representative from each of the 8 branches, plus a YDSA representative. These representatives are elected by their respective branches in the time following the convention. All branches will have completed their elections by the end of June.