Branch Updates

Art by Fareeha K

Bronx/Upper Manhattan

BUM members have been fighting hard to elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, by organizing canvases and phone banking across the Bronx. On Sunday, the Racial Justice working group and Queer Caucus members turned up at Bronx Pride to table and canvas for postal banking. In the Allen Psychiatric Hospital fight, dozens turned out Thursday in the pouring rain in solidarity with nurses and mental health advocates continuing to pressure New York Presbyterian not to close a crucial mental health ward.

North Brooklyn

North Brooklyn DSA and the Housing Working Group co-hosted a Tenants Town Hall that included a rent laws workshop, an organizing training, and a speech by Julia Salazar. NBK-DSA also worked with the Housing Working Group to help NYC-DSA meet its goal of turning out more than 200 members to the Tenants March on June 14. Additionally, NBK-DSA members, in collaboration with the Service Industry and Labor & Strike Solidarity working groups, assisted workers at House of Kava in organizing a union in the face of abuse and wage theft by ownership. Members will be joining the workers for ongoing pickets.

South Brooklyn

All elections this month for South Brooklyn!

Here’s the new SBK OC:  Chi Anunwa, Jared Watson, Joseph Thornhill, Katie Needle, Katy Lasell, Noah Weston, and Paul Horowitz
New SBK delegation to the CLC is: Evan Grupsmith, Tascha Van Auken

Central Brooklyn

Central Brooklyn updated their branch bylaws and elected a new Organizing Committee, representative to the Steering Committee, and delegation to the Citywide Leadership Committee.

The new CBK Organizing Committee is: Brad Menchl, Danya Lagos (Steering Comm Rep), Holly Wood, James Thacher, Jordan Brown, Sara Hinkley

The new CBK Delegation to the CLC is: Annalisa Wilde, Dan La Botz, Danya Lagos, Madi Mornhinweg, Neal Meyer, Sam Lewis, Yasmina Price


The new Labor Branch OC is as follows: Laura Gabby is the new Labor Branch Chair, Rosy Clark is the new Labor Branch Secretary, and Zelig Stern is the new Labor Branch Representative to the Citywide Steering Committee.

The new OC is excited to get to work, especially on Resolution 33 that was voted in at the 2018 Convention, which resolved that NYC-DSA will actively recruit members to get Rank and File jobs.


In May, the Queens branch elected members José Cabrera (co-chair, Andrea Guinn (steering committee representative), Leslie Guthrie (membership coordinator), Alex Kingsepp (working group coordinator), and Frank Llewleyn (treasurer) to its organizing committee, and members Vigie Ramos Rios and Susan Kang as representatives to the Citywide Leadership Committee.

The branch has been working hard to elect nationally-endorsed candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in her improbable bid to unseat the chair of the House Democratic Caucus and the boss of the Queens political machine, canvassing almost daily and leading phonebanks. In recent weeks, the grassroots campaign has picked up significant media coverage. Help the Queens branch to get out the vote and build socialism in Queens and the Bronx on Election Day, June 26, by signing up here.