Working Group Updates

Collectively, the NYC DSA Working Groups thought about how to create intersectional campaigns this month. Groups were asked to think about how to incorporate race, gender, and class differences into their education materials and platforming. When asked about best practices for intersectional recruitment and creating safe spaces, there were many common answers. Groups identified making more room for non-white, non-male speakers as a way to improve, as well as offering childcare and emphasizing the progressive stack at meetings as places to improve.

Anti-War marched against wars at home and abroad, in coalition with other organizations, on Sunday, April 15th.

Climate Justice will tell Cuomo to Walk the Talk on Monday, April 23rd.

Debt and Finance learned about public banking and began planning direct actions.

Electoral voted to endorse Julia Salazar in Brooklyn, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in both Bronx/Upper Manhattan and Queens.

Housing began canvassing with the North Brooklyn and Central Brooklyn branches.

Immigrant Justice canvassed to get ICE out of courts.

Labor and Strike Solidarity is planning to get NYC-DSA hitting the street for May Day.

Racial Justice led the way in demanding justice for Saheed Vassell.

Religious Socialism began gearing up for the Poor People’s Campaign 40 Days of Action.

Service Industry will party for labor funds the evening of April 18th.

Socialist Feminist led Medicare for All canvassing in South Brooklyn.

Tech Action talked labor perspective on municipal broadband.