Poor People’s Campaign

“I am not afraid. I am not afraid. I would die for liberation, ‘cause I know why I was made.”

From this song that opened the first NYC meeting of the Poor People’s campaign, you could tell that the Poor People’s Campaign means business. Ten NYC DSA members and activist leaders of all ages, races and faith backgrounds came together at Union Theological seminary to plan civil disobedience in Albany as part of the Poor People’s Campaign’s 40 Days of Action. NYC-DSA members received training from Poor People’s Campaign on conducting civil disobedience, and started worked with the campaign’s organizers to work out how DSA can help make the campaign a success.

The planned civil disobedience in Albany will coincide with similar actions at the capitals of every state each week for 40 days. These actions will be a national-scale version of the “Moral Mondays” tactic used to great effect by religious leftists in North Carolina. By working on the front lines of the days of action, DSA will be supporting a diverse coalition, help mobilize religious socialists, and build our capacity to carry out large-scale civil disobedience actions.