National Dues Pitch

Have you signed up for monthly dues? No? Sign up here, today! Yes? Thank you for supporting DSA’s critical work.

What Your Dues Go Towards

By paying monthly dues, you will be directly funding the national priorities and resolutions delegates democratically voted on at our national convention in August 2017. This includes but is not limited to: Medicare for All organizing, training for new chapters, labor work through the Democratic Socialist Labor Commission, and hiring a grievance officer and enacting our grievance procedure. In addition, monthly dues will soon be split between national and local chapters, ensuring your dues money is put to work in local campaigns.

Why Monthly?

By chipping in small amount every month, you help ensure DSA maintains a steady stream of funding and is able to make longer term decisions based on this known funding. Member dues allow DSA to maintain political independence. Monthly dues on a sliding scale mean the financial burden of funding our campaigns and operational costs can be distributed fairly.