May Day

On May 1st, NYC-DSA will continue the tradition of celebrating International Worker’s Day with a rally and march in solidarity with NYC’s immigrant community. May Day is a chance to stand against racist ICE harassment and economic exploitation while demonstrating the power of all working people. Although the city depends on immigrant labor, our economic system pushes immigrant workers into the shadows, keeping their wages low and their families afraid.

Planning the May Day events has been a great chance to work with coalition partners, including other socialist and immigrant groups, and to build NYC-DSA’s organizing potential. This May Day, we’ll confront the institutions that seek to divide workers by race and country of origin. Labor creates all wealth, and as united workers we have the power to shut the city down.

We’ll join the Freedom Cities May Day and Immigrant Work’s Justice Tour at 12:30 in Washington Square, walking to locations in the city that are relevant to the struggle for liberation. Then at 4:00, we’ll meet in Union Square to listen to speakers and rally. At 5:00, we take to the streets and march to Union Square, joining the many other groups engaged in the struggle to build a better future for all people.  RSVP for the Facebook Event!