November Steering Committee Update

Strategy Forum:

In the wake of the November elections, Steering Committee facilitated a discussion about campaign strategy. Campaign leaders discussed the new political landscape in New York State, and the updated outlook for some of our higher organizational priorities.

Reds Need Green Holiday Fundraiser:

Led by our Treasurer, Tiffany Gong, the Steering Committee has put together our annual holiday fundraiser. With an eye to being open to more DSA members, this year’s event is being held in a space that is both all-ages and accessible. Come out and celebrate on December 1!

Public Advocate Endorsement Process:

At Tuesday’s forum for public advocate candidates, the Electoral Working Group (EWG) held an advisory vote on 1) whether NYC-DSA should endorse in the PA race (a yes or no vote), and 2), a vote on who, if NYC-DSA does endorse, it should endorse, with each voter selecting only one candidate.

The vote result was to not endorse in the race. The top three candidates, if DSA were to endorse, were Ify Ike, Nomiki Konst, and Jumaane Williams.

Based on this advisory vote, the EWG will send a formal proposal to the leadership of NYC-DSA’s Branches, including a strategy proposal and recommendations on how to hold a vote, if there is one. Leadership of each branch will then decide whether or not to hold a vote during their branch’s December meeting. If a candidate meets the required threshold – 60% of branches – then an emergency meeting of the Citywide Leadership Committee will be called for early January to hold the final endorsement vote.

The proposal voted on can be read here.

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