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By Rebecca C

Branch/Working group/National DSA activities

The NYC-DSA Housing working group posted this video about its protest at the NYC headquarters of the Blackstone Group investment firm:

DSA Legal Working Group tweeted about helping refugees at the border:

A NYC-DSA post stimulated this thread about the November 15th march in the snow for #UniversalRentControl:

DSA San Francisco tweeted about a Google walkout (with a link to NYMag article about the workers’ demands.):

Worth a retweet/follow

Lee Carter (@CarterforVA), a member of DSA, is a good follow for news and entertainment. As a member of the Virginia House of Delegates he tweeted some opinions on the other half of Amazon’s HQ2:

Taking a brief detour over to Instagram, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@ocasio2018) has been giving followers an inside look at the experience of being a new congressperson through her Instagram stories, the first one called “Congress Camp.” Whatever your opinion on super-long Instagram stories, Alexandria, a DSA member, is demystifying the role of government representatives and signaling that she will continue to represent the people in elected office. She also cooks dinner and answers questions on Instagram Live. On November 18th she made many unionists happy by repping a Teamsters t-shirt while chopping vegetables and talking policy to 5,000 followers.

Alexandria tweeted about inequality and housing affordability when Fox mocked her statement that she could not pay rent in Washington, DC.

NYC-DSA retweeted a thread starting with Eugene, Oregon DSA’s take on the “boss makes a dollar I make a dime” meme with a bunch of fun new lyrics:

NYC-DSA Ecosocialist working group retweeted a great video from BRIC TV about the Williams Fracked Gas pipeline, proposed to go under New York Harbor, and Cuomo’s duplicity on this issue:

Brendan O’Connor’s (NYC-DSA member) link to his article on medium.com about USPS workers who have to de-facto work for Amazon and endure terrible work conditions:

Enjoy this thread on the November 17th spirited anti-fascist pushback in Philly to a Proud Boys gathering, aided by Gritty and a bunch of witches:

Veteran’s Day education

DSA Veterans Working Group posted this statement on Veteran’s Day:

Here’s a long tweet thread about newly-elected be-eyepatched Rep. Dan Crenshaw and how Navy Seal culture is rotten and inspired by fascism:

There were many tweets about the breakdown of the system for GI Bill payments to veterans, so DSA Veterans took the opportunity to educate about the Bonus Army march on Washington for veterans’ benefits in 1932:

Lastly, DSA Veterans retweeted an interesting thread by historian Eric Loomis about the attack on the Washington IWW hall on Nov. 11, 1919 by the American Legion, which he describes as a proto-fascist organization: