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By Rebecca C

On #NoAmazon

The struggle is worldwide. NYC-DSA tweeted a link to this story about Amazon in Spain expecting the police to stop Amazon worker protests

They also tweeted a link to a NY Post story about Amazon workers striking in Germany:

During the City Council hearing on Amazon on December 12th, Councilmembers and the public were tweeting questions for the Amazon rep to answer using the hashtags #amazonanswers and #noamazonnyc. Brooklyn Councilmember Brad Lander had a good thread on the hearing:

The committee did not allow public comments but encouraged online participation :/ Council Speaker Corey Johnson was tweeting extensively throughout the proceedings.  

NYC-DSA tech action retweeted this link to the NYEDC’s proposal for the Amazon site, which, kill me now:

On Green New Deal

DSA Ecosocialists tweeted with a link to the Sunrise Movement’s campaign to get Congressmembers to sign on to the Green New Deal (ok, actually to set up a Select Committee for a Green New Deal…)

They also posted video of a Dec. 4 rally to pass city council bill 1253, which would regulate emissions from the city’s large buildings. DSA members testified at a meeting of the Committee on Environmental Protection.

DSA Ecosocialists also posted about their efforts working with the NYRenews coalition at the state level to get the New York State Climate and Community Protection Act (CCPA) passed:

Also, read the Sunrise movement’s excellent statement reacting to the word going around from boneheaded senior Democratic leadership that House Climate Change Committee will not have subpoena power:

What’s AOC up to?

Responding to Jaine Johnson about why we need to raise minimum wage:

All part of a wider discussion started by AOC about the need to pay congressional interns, many of who do not get paid at all, a living wage. She is following through by paying her interns, and after calling out Chuck Schumer for posting an unpaid media intern position, got him to retract that posting and pay his interns a stipend.

Worth a follow:

Benjamin Kabak, aka @2AvSagas, on everything MTA and NYC in general, including live-tweeting Bill De Blasio’s increasingly hostile Brian Lehrer appearances. You can follow his blog here:

Here he has a thread about the farcical 11th-hour inspection of the L-train tunnel (slated to shut down for repairs in 4 months) by Gov. Cuomo and his hand-picked team of international tunnel experts:

Odds and ends:

NYC-DSA livetweeted the speakers at the December 2nd holiday party:

And in case you are interested in what the New York Post says, apparently we got it, baby!