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By Rebecca C

MDC emergency

February opened with a crisis at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Sunset Park where a fire and a power outage contributed to ongoing power problems at the jail, coinciding with the coldest days of the winter so far. NYC-DSA retweeted scenes from the protests which included family members, some elected officials, DSA members and other comrades in solidarity with the prisoners:

NYC-DSA also tweeted this statement on the human rights violations at the jail:

And the situation continues to develop with dire implications for inmates. NYC-DSA tweeted a link to an Intercept post about retaliations against prisoners at MDC:


On Valentine’s Day, an epic breakup:

Follow all these groups who made this happen, along with our DSA comrades – the struggle against gentrification and for affordable housing continues: @ALIGNny @MaketheRoadNY @RWDSU @TeamstersJC16 @JFREJNYC @MPower_Change @nychange @caaav


Queens DSA is continuing to stand in solidarity with Queens neighbors in NYCHA housing as the struggle continues post-Amazon:

Electoral bidness

Julia Salazar tweeted a press release announcing the first meeting of the Women’s Issue Committee, which is considering several bills important to maternal health and other legislation to help women and girls in NYC:

Did you hear that NYC-DSA has endorsed Tiffany Cabán for Queens DA? (If you haven’t, there’s plenty of opportunity to read about it in this month’s issue…) NYC-DSA retweeted this article in the Indypendent about Cabán and what she stands for:

And here’s an article setting up the contest between Cabán and the Queens Democrats-endorsed Melinda Katz as AOC vs. Crowley round 2.

In national news, stop me if you’ve heard this one, but Bernie Sanders is officially in the 2020 race:

This CBK member tweeted about an issue getting a good amount of attention on twitter from DSA comrades: Bernie’s yes vote on SESTA/FOSTA (along with all other Dems currently running for President):

Venezuela/Elliot Abrams

We bring you a rare sight – someone in Congress trying to hold those in power accountable for their crimes – in this seriously 🔥 video of Ilhan Omar grilling war criminal Elliot Abrams (to a crisp) during a hearing in front of the House’s Committee on Foreign Relations:.  

And here is a long thread with a lot of excellent links about the history of American involvement in genocides and massacres in Latin America (tw: descriptions of extreme violence)

Actions and campaigns:

North Brooklyn tweeted scenes from the NYSNA picket line at Mount Sinai East on February 13:

Long thread by NYC-DSA Housing WG on rent regulation report – correcting inaccuracies:

Odds and Ends

The television show Inside Edition still exists! And it did a BS story about the MTA’s BS campaign against fare evasion, which the MTA has suddenly decided is the primary reason the subway is underfunded. You can watch the video of the reporter doing a journalism on some teens here. The real story was easily explained by a Hunter College high schooler to Gothamist writer Jake Offenhartz. Fair fares? Not so much: