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By Rebecca C

Bernie, baby

NYC-DSA retweeted @inthesetimesmag’s article about DSA’s endorsement debate, which has included dissenting voices from the Afrosocialist and Socialists of Color Caucus, Soc Fem, and many individual chapters. Democracy is messy and whether you support the endorsement or don’t, the valid concerns of our comrades should be heard:

Post straw-poll the February CLC proposal has gone into effect and Bernie 2020 is a citywide priority campaign 👏👏👏 NYC-DSA tweeted this nifty graphic and a link back to last-month’s Red Letter CLC update, in case you missed it:

In other elections news, the D-trip re-iterated how very, very hard they are going to work to stop another AOC from getting elected:


Read this Nation article about ICE tracking anti-white supremacist and anti-NRA protesters (which it terms anti-Trump protesters 🤔):

Non-profit/independent media organization Unicorn Riot (worth a follow @UR_Ninja) has been doing the Lord’s work publishing some amazing journalism based on leaked Slack and discord format chats between Identity Evropa members (the group has since supposedly disbanded and regrouped into the “American Identity Movement”). Their research has led to the outing of IE members in police, military, and other civilian institutions. Here’s a thread linking to some of what they put out this month:

Sacramento/Stephon Clark

Sacramento’s Black Lives Matter chapter and other activists have been protesting the California AG’s decision not to charge the officers who murdered Stephon Clark in Sacramento:

Many twitter users have shared this video of protestors at the Sacramento City Council as an example of direct action training, noting the highly coordinated and intentional guarding of the black protester to allow him to be heard and not grabbed by the police, using their privilege without detracting any attention from him. White allies take note and be inspired:

DecrimNY/ Sex worker’s rights

@DecrimNY is fighting to decriminalize and protect the rights of sex workers, including trans sex workers who are especially vulnerable.  Queens State Senator Jessica Ramos, Assemblymember Ron T. Kim from Flushing, and DSA-endorsed DA candidate Tiffany Cabán are allies of the organization:

In case you want to see what went down at an anti sex worker-decriminalization rally/press conference that took place on the City Hall steps on March 11, including counter protesting, here is a thread:


See Glenn Greenwald’s appearance on Democracy Now discussing the fiasco involving the accidental burning of several trucks worth of humanitarian aid in a confrontation between opposition protestors and Venezuelan military, which the US quickly and falsly blamed on Maduro:

Actions and campaigns:

Thread from NYC-DSA Medicare for All event on March 11:

NYC-DSA Housing WG tweeted an interesting thread about rent strikes in NYC in the early 20th century led by socialist women: