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By Rebecca C

Uprising in Sudan

Over the last several weeks, Libya, Algeria, and Sudan have experienced waves of protest calling for the end of dictatorships. Many shared images of a resplendent woman leading chants for Sudan’s president Bashir to step down. Her name is Alaa Salah and you can follow her on twitter here: @oalaa_salah

This tweet thread explains a little more about the garment worn by this leader and its significance:

The situation is extremely complex and unsettled but I can’t help being so inspired by how joyful many of the videos from the region are:

While Omar al-Bashir was deposed and later transferred to a prison, the question of who has taken control of the country is still unresolved and the people refuse to back down and accept military rule, a Saudi-installed puppet, or one of Bashir’s allies as President. This cartoon illustrates the fear that the latest Northern African uprisings will follow the same progression as Egypt’s Arab Spring:

Victories on ICE Out of the Courts and Climate Justice!

Let’s celebrate our comrades and advocates who helped advance this ruling to stop ICE from preying on immigrants at our courthouses!

And the hits keep coming as the City Council passes the Climate Mobilization Act! NYC-DSA Ecosocialist WG has the rundown of the bouquet of bills set to put NYC at the forefront of climate legislation (more on this in next month’s issue):

The Smear Campaign Against Omar

Well this shows no sign of ending. Apparently the Right will not be satisfied until Ilhan Omar’s congressional tenure comes to a bloody end, as they continue to incite violence against her and all who criticize Israel:

In the face of these racist and cynical attacks the hashtag #IStandWithIlhan has trended from time to time over the last few months and remains in use whether related to direct support for Omar or general criticism of US policy toward Israel, AIPAC, BDS, etc. And Omar has actually raised quite a bit of money by not backing down from her stance:

Worth a Follow

Nonprofit criminal justice publication @TheAppeal is doing excellent work on the atrocities of the carceral state, including this chilling story about gangs IN the LA Sheriff’s Department:

And a recent article about the Queens DA office under Richard Brown, which Tiffany Caban is hoping to turn around:

The Rock 2.0

Mike Gravel is running for the democratic 2020 nomination. He has some interesting things to say and as always is strong on anti-imperialism but… is this elder abuse?

Strikes and Solidarity

Sacramento teachers went on strike April 11:

Also, we see you, Stop and Shop workers! This was a massively significant battle that the working class WON through perserverence and solidarity. Congratulations and thank you to all who supported the strike fund!

Odds and Ends

NYC-DSA retweeted this incredibly effective and beautiful video put together by artist Molly Crabapple, AOC, Naomi Klein, and The Intercept imagining a future where the Green New Deal was put into action. You’ve probably already watched the video, but the accompanying article in The Intercept talks about the importance of art to social and political movements and especially for the success of FDR’s New Deal: